October 2014

Save The Dates For October

October has more than Halloween, my friends. There are so many announcements, press releases and events that come from Johns Hopkins (Medical campus and University) on a daily basis, we just didn’t want you to overlook something that may have already showed up in your inbox. Perhaps you were Pre-occupied with the Ravens beatdown of the Carolina Kittycats. (Excuse me, I see their real name is "Carolina PANTHERS". 

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#23 Our National Library of Medicine Fellows

Our new Fellows, Christian Minter and Holly Thompson reveal what brought them to Welch, and offer a peek into their goals for the coming year:

.44 - What is the National Library of Medicine Fellowship, and what is the process to become a Fellow?

Audio (mp3): 

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Miscellaneous Goodies

These are just a few odds and ends that October has brought our way.

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Have You reDISCOVERED The Welch Library

It’s right there on our page. The new slideshow that’s changing slides as we speak. If you haven’t given it a click or two --- what are you waiting for?

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