November 2014

#24 Podcast With Professor Barry Zirkin, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Professor Barry Zirkin speaks about his work, how the library influences his research and the particular challenges scientists face moving forward.

1:25  ---  What attracted you to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology?

Audio (mp3): 

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Welch Newsletter "Mystery Question" Winners

In our last Newsletter I asked a couple questions about exhibits in the library AND what our Director, Anne Seymour, was doing in Africa. Within minutes I had responses. So let’s look at who won.

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You're Invited To An Academic Publishing Workshop --- Details

The Welch Medical Library and Elsevier invite you attend an academic publishing workshop, where editors and publishers will share valuable insights into the process of scientific publishing. 

Academic Publishing Workshop

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We're Having A Special Event And You're Invited

You’re Invited To Our Welch Library Event

All Ye Library Lovers! Page Turners! Group Study Spacers! Individual Study Spacers! Online Journal Junkies! Database Devotees ---And All Those Who Defy Definition!

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Reading Delights From The Welch Library

Once again, it’s time to share what we’re reading at the Welch Library. And boy---what variety! What diversity! We’re all over the book map!

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