February 2016

Upcoming Podcast --- Online Mendelian Inheritance In Man (OMIM) In The Spotlight

      Our upcoming Podcast will focus on the current financial issues facing the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM). Specifically, their future funding.

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INSIDEWELCH Knocks The Cobwebs Off Your Superbowl Weekend


Throw off that Superbowl Saturation! Let our INSIDEWELCH give you the shake, rattle and roll for the start of a new week! 


The Welch Library Communications Team

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Creating "Welch Moments" Around Campus --- Prequels, Sequels, A Welch Film Dynasty Explodes!

Many times when the Communications Team is out and about around the east Baltimore campus we hear many, many words of praise about the Welch Library. So we’ve decided to “translate” a few of those compliments into “Welch Moments.” These are brief moments, or memories or stories that patrons may have which we record and make into videos.


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Our January/February Newsletter

The Welch Library Newsletter is now Bi-Monthly, so we've got even more "Library-Centric" information to send your way. Want to see what we've been up to so far in 2016? 

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Library Service Center VS. Welch Service Center --- The Mystery Is Solved

Now, this isn't exactly the "Bermuda Triangle" of mysteries we're speaking about. It's simply a matter of clearing up what may be a slight confusion.

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