May 2016

National Nurses "Appreciation" Week

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INSIDEWELCH Is The Perfect Java Break

INSIDEWELCH lets you breathe in the aroma of fresh news and social media. Take a moment and spoil yourself with luxuriously crafted Welch Library updates.  We use only the finest ingredients. (We're gluten-free and never use GMO's)


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And They're Off



For the 2016 MLA Conference our informationist are traveling to Toronto, Canada.

This year’s conference will be sort of special, because it will be held conjointly with the Canadian Health Libraries Association and the International Clinical Librarians Conference. The prevailing theme for the conference is “Mosaic: Be Part of the Big Picture!”

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DynaMed EBM Focus

TAVR Appears as Effective as Surgical AVR for Combined Risk of Death or Disabling Stroke in Patients with Intermediate Risk Severe Aortic Stenosis

  • Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) is recommended for patients with aortic stenosis who meet the indication for AVR, but are not candidates for surgical AVR due to high risk of complications.

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Our Latest INSIDEWELCH Presents Three Triple Crown Winners Right Here At Hopkins

See for yourself!  Our latest INSIDEWELCH provides staff highlights that can make you stand up and pay attention. We also have social media updates and stories that could put a smile on anybody's rainy Monday.


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