June 2016

How does Welch decide which e-books to purchase?

Did you know you may have chosen an e-book that was added to the Welch collection without even knowing it? “Demand-Driven-Acquisitions” is one of the newer approaches Welch uses to develop the online book collection.

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What's Your Summer Reading Look Like?

Ahhhh, the joys of summer. Time away from work. Beach? Mountains? Backyard. Vacation? Staycation? Whatever’s in the works, you just KNOW you’ve got to have a good book around. What’s summer without diving into a sure-fire page turner?! Many patrons on the east Baltimore campus request books from the Eisenhower Library as they have a huge selection of “normal” reading material. “Normal,” in this case refers to anything non-medical in nature.

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The SpringerLink E-book Collection Has Been Updated

We’re happy to report that 1,754 new titles have been added to our Horizon/Catalyst catalog.

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An article likely to inform clinical practice selected by Dynamed Editorial Team

Liraglutide May Improve Glycemic Control in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes on High-Dose Insulin Therapy

Reference - JAMA Intern Med 2016 Jun 6 early online (level 3 [lacking direct] evidence)

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Results From Our 2016 Welch Medical Library Survey

The final results are in!

We'd like to thank everyone who completed the 2016 Welch Medical Library Survey. Congratulations to Giulia Sikorski and Rosalyn Stewart each for winning an iPad Mini! We had 1,163 responses to the survey. Here are some of the highlights:

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