August 2016

New Data Policies For BioMed Central Journals


This is from BioMed Central's latest update:

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FDA clearance of a product is not the same as FDA approval



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Welch Hosts New eTrial: Thieme eRadiology

Welch Library is hosting a trial for Thieme eRadiology from 8/3/2016-9/30/2016 on our e-trial pageBookmark and Share

Changes To Refworks --- Please Read

RefWorks is undergoing some changes. If you are trying to export citations to RefWorks and see the message below, be sure to click on the "Export to legacy RefWorks" on the left.  Access to the citations in your library is only available through legacy RefWorks.  The ProQuest RefWorks is still under development and is not currently supported by Welch Medical Library.

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New: Embase Fact Sheet


The Welch Library has made the one-time purchase of Embase Classic and it is included in Embase with journal coverage back to 1947.


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