January 2017

#36 Podcast: Interview With Liz Neeley, Executive Director of "The Story Collider"

Our 36th Podcast has Liz Neeley, Executive Director at The Story Collider, speaking about her evolution from marine biologist to storyteller. Liz helps scientists around the world tell more compelling stories about their work. Liz was at Hopkins as guest presenter for the "Telling Stories About Science" seminar series. 

Audio (mp3): 

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Starting January 25th: The Welch Library Participates With Hopkins "Day At The Market"

The Welch Library is proud to be one of the Bloomberg School of Public Health partners for twice monthly "Day at the Market" days. Twice a month we'll be having an information table at the Northeast Market. Our table will be manned by Stella Seal, the Welch Library Hospital, Health and Community Services Director, along with communication staff members Vivian McCall and Alonzo LaMont.

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School of Public Health "Family History of Cancer" Event --- Thursday, Feb. 2nd

The Bloomberg School of Public Health has a LunchLearnLink event, "Family History of Cancer" this coming Thursday. Event details are on the picture below.

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