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Hopkins Scholarly Communications & Open Access Highlights

This week "Open Access" has been front and center in our communications activities. Though we're having fun with our information table road trips around campus, patrons are very inquisitive, curious and impressed with the current state of Open Access progress. I think that's how it goes with movements, once people hear about what's being done and what's been achieved, that little smile starts to make it's way out.

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More "Welch Library Open Access Road Tour"

There we were yesterday, leading the "Open Access" parade down at the Armstrong Building. Even though Victoria Goode and Yours Truly arrived a little late, we drew a crowd. Actually, we drew a THRONG. A mob. And know what else? People were happy to see us. Like we were some lost platoon that had found our way to the fort. Folks had questions about Welch, of course. But also, many made inquiries about Open Access, something they'd heard about but didn't have any juicy hard facts.

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Open Access Week Information

It's Open Access Week! We had an Information Table outside the Daily Grind yesterday (thanks to everyone who stopped by, and here's our schedule for where we'll be today, tomorrow and Thursday:

Today - 12:00 - 2:00 at the Armstrong Bldg (we'll be in the lobby)

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"MINDFULNESS" As An Intervention Tool

A recent Hopkins study (along with several other institutions) identified “Mindfulness” as an intervention calming agent when applied to urban youth in schools.

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#10) Guest: Tahirah Akbar-Williams, School of Education Librarian Johns Hopkins Univ. (Oct. 2012)


Victoria Goode and Alonzo LaMont speak with Tahirah Akbar-Williams, a School of Education Librarian at Johns Hopkins University, to discuss the Johns Hopkins MEHP Program. Victoria and Tahirah have worked on the creation of the MEHP, and share their insights into the Program's creation and progress. 

0-1:18 - Introduction

1:18 - 4:40 Description of the Program, Tahirah and Victoria outline the nature of her collaboration.

4:41 - 7:00 The major obstacles in designing the MEHP

7:03 - 8:40  What are the differences in performing Academic searches vs. doing searches in a medical environment

8:50 - 11:50 Challenges in putting the Program online

Audio (mp3): 

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Jaime Blanck Works Magic @ GIM Rounds - The Pic Says It All

I played tagalong with Clinical Informationist Jaime Blanck the other day. She was having a round with a couple folks in General Internal Medicine. The topic was gastroparesis and it's treatment. Jaime was hunting down articles, studies and facilitating searches into PubMed and Embase. Amazingly, the available information on gastroparesis left everyone in attendance shaking their heads.

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Welch Music Video - Day In The Life Of Informationists

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When Being Discouraged Leads To Brilliance.

We see this all the time. The latest for me was last night. If you happened to catch the "60 Minutes" segment on "Rodriguez" you proabably came away enriched.

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Welch Visits the "Young Investigators Symposium"

Informationists Peggy Gross and Rob Wright held court at the "6th Annual Young Investigators Symposium and Poster Session on Genomics and Bioinformatics" the other day. The much-esteemed Dr. Jonathan Pevsner stopped by their Poster area to share and hobnob.

(Dr. Gao from the Lieber Institute for Brain Development on left, Dr. Pevsner - middle, Rob Wright - right, of course)


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Stanford Flips Their Medical Classrooms

I read with interest how Stanford is going hook, line and sinker into flipping their classrooms. The very first sentence reveals a belief in such a forward-looking system that, by it's very design, is meant to become revolutionary in nature. They're completely buying into the new learning jumbalaya of using class time for more rigorous and engaging activities than lectures.

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