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Donna Explores Public Health Databases

Donna Hesson give a short introduction to Databases that can be explored for Public Health searches.

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Jacquelyn Campbell from the School of Nursing Partners Up with ONE LOVE FOUNDATION

Want to know more about ONE LOVE.....

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Talking + Texting = Your Hindpots On The Ground

This is about you. Yes, you. Not me. I don't text. I don't want to text. I have a text disabled phone. But you----you never saw these results coming, didja. No you didn't, and why? Because your face was buried in that phone. There you are stealing a few precious moments out of the office, and wham.

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Science Police Needed

I don't know what's better, the time spent time rummaging through this article's detailed proclamations about scientific fraud, or the rather lengthy commentary at the bottom. As "graphic" a picture as the author draws, the comments reveal an equally passionate amalgamation of thoughts and sensitivities.

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Food Allergies- Hyperactivity and Medical Controversy

When did food allergies, such as an allergic reaction to peanuts, become a recognized condition as opposed to being viewed as something "idiosyncratic"? Even now, perhaps because we seem to have an outbreak of food allergies, don't we place someone with food allergies in the "they're just allergic to everything" category. By doing this, don't we tend to close a certain door? Our dirty little secret is that we place the onus of the allergic condition more on the person and not the condition. We stigmatize the person as being "one of those folks".

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Organic Foods Take A Step Down

I'm taking a moment to pile on. Now, let me say this: I do love me some WholeFoods. The fruits and veggies appear to be Heaven sent. There's almost a halo of superiority that envelops patrons strolling the aisles. Even a quick dash-in leads one into a consumer ecstasy of "natural" goodness. Food ectoplasms await those standing in check-out lines, our bodies anticipating the moral enlightenment behind our choices of turkish apricots, soy nut butter, caribbean tofu, and original Nasoya nayonaise. We leave floating on a cloud of wellness nirvana.

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#9) Guest: Elizabeth Tracey, Dir. Electronic News Media Johns Hopkins Medicine (Sept. 2012)


Victoria Goode and Alonzo had the opportunity to chat with Elizabeth Tracey, Director of Electronia News Media for Johns Hopkins Medicine. We were chock-full of questions about her very-popular PODMED podcast. We also focused on her work process and teaming up with Rick Lange, Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins and Vice-Chairman of Medicine at the Univ. of Medicine Health Science Center.

Elizabeth has been Podcasting for 8 years, and the popularity of PODMED and her PODBLOG have grown into tremendously popular online events. If you aren't already a subscriber I definitely recommend jumping on the bandwagon. Enjoy her reflections and observations, she is indeed a force. 

Here we go ---

Audio (mp3): 

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Future of Academic Libraries & News From Europe PubMed Central

This flew into my little cubicle today, and By-Godfrey it's more commentary concerning the function of Libraries in the future. What they discovered is that the future won't necessarily revolve around Libraries, per se----BUT----around Librarians! Yes! Holy Educational Zeitgeist!

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Student Fair At The School of Public Health

Here we are (AGAIN!) giving away the farm and mixing it up with our peeps. Donna Hesson, SPH Informationist and Alonzo were right by the Wall of Images, answering questions left and right.

Ross, who's last name I forgot, was an early bird, and it's a good thing because we're just about to get swamped.

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Full-Text Access Made Easy -- Jaime Blanck

Clinical Informationist, Jaime Blanck explains how to obtain articles. Alonzo LaMont

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