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WELCH T-Shirt Winners: Andres Quintero Joins Samata Kakkad

This is so much fun. I should show up with a Grand Sweepstakes Winner check. But since I don't have one----I show up with the next best thing. Samata Kakkad was nice enough to put on our shirt. Of course, her friend provides all the moral support this august occasion deserves. And just like that it happens. A Photo Op is born. 

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Do Patient Records EVER Get Sent?

I switched my Doctor a while back (actually my Doctor retired from Doctoring, go figure). Of course my new Doctor requested my medical records from my old one. Let's review: new Doctor wants records from old Doctor. I know it's not a complicated request, but in this case, entire Civilizations have been built with less agravation. My old Doctor's office couldn't seem to manage sending my records along. So it was the tag-team trio of my new Doctor, wife and yours truly that ultimately entered the patient records arena. We made calls. We made more calls. We implored.

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"Dissertation For Sale" Follow-Up / Another POV

Many thanks to Robin Sinn, from the Scholarly Communications Group (SCG) up at JHU-Eisenhower Library, for sending me another point of view that falls pretty much on the heels of a FB post I put up on Dissertation (author) rights and how easy it is to sign them away. Here's the original story.  

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RefWorks Alert

Since we never seem to lose interest in ALL THINGS REFWORKS, I'd like to add this little ditty from Ivy Garner, our resident RefWorks Guru.

"For all  “new” and "current" users of Refworks. Refworks just recently released an updated version of Writencite3, called Writencite4.

However, due to numerous complaints regarding the operation and functionally of  the newest version, (WnC-4), all Refworks users are advised to continue using the earlier version (WnC3) until further notice"

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What Really Happened To The Welch Library?

Lately, so many people have inquired about the status of the Welch Library. I happened to be with a few Informationists the other day at the School of Public Health. We were asked about our status so many times, over and over, I thought I should give you the real story. So here goes.

Not too long ago, an asteroid hit the earth and destroyed the Welch Library.




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Tentacles of Attachment: Big Pharma/Bad Ethics/And You

I would call this a disturbing trend, but that implies it's something that flies up and down the recognition meter. No, this is something else entirely. A day or so ago I posted this story (not this link) to Facebook. But it seems that not a day goes by when another story that mirrors my initial story comes our way.

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Special Merit To JHU-Center For Communications Programs

By a sheer chance meeting, I stumbled onto Rebecca Simon, Communications Manager for Knowledge for Health (K4 Health) who was only too happy to share the recent work done for the Journal of Health Communications Special Supplement by members of the K4 Health team. Here's the Journal, and special thanks to Rebecca for bringing this to our attention.

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Another "FEEDBACK" Welch T-Shirt Winner

  Research Associate Sonia Cortassa enjoys her new Welch-T, while Professor Miguel Aon deserves kudos for letting me barge into their busy workday. Sonia has just reminded me that her WelchWeb Feedback wasn't all.........positive----"NONSENSE!" says Alonzo----we giveaway Welch-T's regardless of which side of feedback commentary you fall on. 






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2012 June Podcast - David Fearon & Data Curation Plus Victoria and Alonzo Explain Rise of E-Books

Victoria and Alonzo are back for the June Podcast. We reflect on the Hopkins Library Assembly we attended earlier this month. Some of the meatier issues that were discussed, and which we mention here, were Data Management/Data Curation (and the potential for discovery of "Hidden Collections," along with the rise of e-books.

Audio (mp3): 

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Interns Join Us For Summer

Ah yes, Summer has returned and with it come our new Interns from City College. I "stole" them away for a second to get a picture. So here they are on a mild day in June, looking calm and composed. But as Summer BURNS away in Baltimore, our Interns will bear the brunt of work/work/work. Here a task, there a task. They'll be in the stacks, they'll be schlepping books around, they'll be working keyboards inputting data----taking instructions left and right.

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