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Welch December Newsletter - Stories Galore!


            New Year’s Greetings! We had so many great stories to end the year with, covering a WIDE range of medical/scientific territory. But, we also had some human interest developments that peaked everyone’s interest. So let’s look back at December, shall we……

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"Walk Around Crazy" Is A Horrible Way To Stigmatize - Schizophrenia In our Midst

This is a revision for the original post entitled: "Walk around Crazy - Schizophrenia In Our Midst". "Walk Around Crazy" is a very stigmatizing, demeaning and 100% politically incorrect expression. I certainly wouldn't recommend painting anyone with a mental health history with such broad, insensitive brush strokes (I usually save those for family members). So Alonzo was outta line. I'm slapping my own wrists. I'm sending myself to the corner. Giving myself a timeout.

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#11) Guest: Claire Twose, Welch Public Health and Basic Science Informationist, offers Conference Reflections (Dec. 2012)

Victoria Goode speaks about her recently attended Conference "Embedded with Scientists - The Librarian's Role in the Research Process," held at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. After Alonzo (yours truly) and Victoria make merry with Dominic (our producer) the information begins rolling: 

Audio (mp3): 

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Welch Holiday Party

We had ourselves some festivities last week, and just thought you'd like to see a few folks who joined in and made the party a delight.

Here's Chris Henry, channeling the great Jimmy Smith and doing so impeccably.

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Stanford Professor Begins An Open Access Expedition

I stumbled across, practically as a footnote, this nugget regarding Dr. Axel Brunger, a Molecular and Cellular Physiologist. Dr.

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BPA Blowback

Slipping under the radar this week is a new study of BPA. Essentially, the study gives the people who "linked" BPA to everything from mad cow disease to scarlett fever short shrift. I'm no scientist (shock, I know), but the brouhaha surrounding BPA seems to border on the hysterical.

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When Doctors Fail The Age Test

How many times have we discovered the ridiculous accident that we saw on the news was caused by the elderly grandmother? Maybe kept her foot on the brake? Maybe was in "R" when she thought it was in "D". What are your thoughts when this happens? Are you mad? Do you empathize? Which way do you fall? Full disclosure: part of me ALWAYS gets mad. Couldn't somebody in their family step up and take the keys away?

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Come in and sit yourself down to some good old-fashioned Welch November reflections. Kick your clogs off and “set a spell.” So hot off the griddle, let’s chow down on the good stuff from Facebook, the blog and our latest news:


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Educational Life and Science Move Outdoors

You see more and more of this lately. Students taking expeditions into what is affectionately known as the "great classroom of life". Maybe it's to Six Flags, maybe it's a year in Uganda. The creation of Science and Experience has moved outside.

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Many Faces Of The Welch Library


These are the folks who answer your phone calls, process your requests, assist with searches, teach the classes, update the website, help the library stay clean, check books in and out, maintain and update the technology, keep databases and journals up n' running, get materials from other places, and work with departments.....yes, we are indeed THEE............Welch Medical Library.



Alonzo LaMont

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