Library Announcements

New Releases From The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection

As 2016 brings frigid forecasts, we're happy to report that medical updates arrive regardless of our chilly-willy temps. Here’s a statement from the Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection that speaks to their new additions:

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WELCH T-Shirt Winners: Andres Quintero Joins Samata Kakkad

This is so much fun. I should show up with a Grand Sweepstakes Winner check. But since I don't have one----I show up with the next best thing. Samata Kakkad was nice enough to put on our shirt. Of course, her friend provides all the moral support this august occasion deserves. And just like that it happens. A Photo Op is born. 

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Interns Join Us For Summer

Ah yes, Summer has returned and with it come our new Interns from City College. I "stole" them away for a second to get a picture. So here they are on a mild day in June, looking calm and composed. But as Summer BURNS away in Baltimore, our Interns will bear the brunt of work/work/work. Here a task, there a task. They'll be in the stacks, they'll be schlepping books around, they'll be working keyboards inputting data----taking instructions left and right.

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