#1) 1st Welch Podcast Introduces Victoria Goode & Alonzo LaMont as Co-Host & Host (Sept, 2011)


We invite you to listen to our very first Welch Library Podcast. Victoria Goode, Welch Clinical Informationist and one of our the library's many resident "Answer People" is interviewed by your host Alonzo LaMont. Victoria and I parade around a few topics for your listening enjoyment including  a few thoughts about Catalyst, Endnote, RefWorks and SciVal Experts. Victoria is by far the expert, I (Alonzo) just ask the questions. Much like the Wright Brothers---this is our test run, but we're mucho excited to get off the ground.  It's our first foray into audio and we try our best to stay on point. Hopefully this is the start of a beautiful relationship. Enjoy! It runs about 11 minutes.


Alonzo LaMont


Audio (mp3): 

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