#16) Welch Visits "One Health - Medical Library Association Conference" (MLA '13): Comments & Observations

Several weeks ago the Welch Medical Library was represented at the MLA Conference by our Informationists. Clinical Informationist Victoria Goode and Alonzo (1st time guest blogger) LaMont offer their thoughts on the experience, along with clarifying an issue with Endnote, and taking a look at Bibliometrics.

0:50 - Endnote Question

3:25 - Overall Impressions of Conference

5:15 - What are Bibliometrics?

6:30 -  12:45 - Notes from the (herculean!) efforts by Welch Informationists in attendance.



Alonzo LaMont



Awhile back I caught Dr. Gao (left) from the Bieber Institute for Brain Development, Dr. Jonathan Pevsner (center) and Welch Informationist Rob Wright (right) exchanging ideas in the Pre-Clinical Teaching Bldg. 

Audio (mp3): 

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