2012 June Podcast - David Fearon & Data Curation Plus Victoria and Alonzo Explain Rise of E-Books

Victoria and Alonzo are back for the June Podcast. We reflect on the Hopkins Library Assembly we attended earlier this month. Some of the meatier issues that were discussed, and which we mention here, were Data Management/Data Curation (and the potential for discovery of "Hidden Collections," along with the rise of e-books. Later this month we'll speak with David Fearon, a JHU Data Management Consultant, and he'll chime in on some specifics about how Hopkins is addressing Data Management. For now, here's the timeline. 

1) 0-51: Introductions

2) 52 - 6:30 Data Management/Data Curation and "Hidden Collections"

3) 8:02 - 12:40 E-books

Here's a blurb from our Latest News about Data Management. Why the smiley face? Because June is a Happy Time! D'Uh!


Alonzo LaMont




Audio (mp3): 

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