#21) Podcast Conversation With New Welch Library Director, Anne Seymour

Our new Director offers her thoughts on issues pertinent to the Welch Library, and provides observations about the direction of the Library as we move forward.


0:46 ---- Introduction

1:25 ---- What attracted you to the Position of Director for the Welch Medical Library?

3:56 ---- As health science libraries move forward in this ever-changing information world, what do you see as the most fundamental issues the Welch Library must address?

8:35 ---- From your experience at the University of Penn Libraries, have you seen any similarities between that system and the Johns Hopkins library system?

11:01 ---- Based on on what you've seen since you started, what do you think your biggest challenge(s) will be?

12:53 ---- What can the Hopkins community look forward to as the Welch Library moves forward? 

13:25 ---- Have you been able to venture out into Baltimore City? (FYI: she's keeping her Baltimore crab cake rating a secret)


Alonzo LaMont



Audio (mp3): 

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