#29 Further NLM Reflections --- 2nd Fellow Holly Thompson Speaks About Her Year @ Welch

Our 2nd National Library of Medicine Fellow, Holly Thompson, provides observations about time her time at Welch. Before they depart, both Fellows spoke candidly regarding rewarding moments, challenges, surprises and all points in-between. Christian Minter and Holly answer the final question.

0:12    ---  Describe several challenges you faces during your time at Welch?

2:37    ---  Did you experience any particular moments of fulfillment?  

5:14    ---  How would you improve the experience for future NLM Fellows?

9:13    ---  Describe your most important takeaway?

12:15  ---  Could you each give a preview of the presentation you'll be giving at the National Library of                 Medicine colloquium later this summer?

Audio (mp3): 

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