#32 Podcast With Kathy Danko, Mgr. of Collections & Material Processing @ Welch

Our 32nd Podcast presents Kathy Danko, Manager of Collections and Material Processing at the Welch Library. Kathy takes us into "the nitty gritty" of how E-books, Journals and Databases are acquired. Also, she shares thoughts on future acquisitions and purchasing trends. If you've ever wondered how Collection is stocked, this is the Podcast for you! 

01:14  -----  Kathy runs us through the process of the Library acquiring a journal. Specifically, what dictates that Welch purchase a subscription?

02:48   ------   Welch seems to acquire new resources every month. Would you say the trend now is towards e-books, databases, journals, or “all of the above?”

04:85   ------    How does a patron request a new resource? And once you receive a request, what happens next?

06:30   ------    Does Welch share the cost of purchasing resources with other Hopkins libraries?  How are decisions made about these shared purchases?

09:10   ------    What do you see down the road for future acquisitions? Is there one field, subject, or Department that you foresee requiring more resource attention? 

Audio (mp3): 

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