#5) Guest: Informationist Peggy Gross & Thoughts On The New Library Website (Feb. March 2012)


Victoria Goode and Yours Truly (Alonzo) your Podcasting Pals are back! 

0 - 1:20 : Intros laced with the chitty-chat you can only get with a Welch Podcast. I'm sure somewhere there's breaking news about some new-found bacteria that went off the grid, but how does that compare to Victoria and Alonzo striking up a conversation. I've never heard bacteria strike up anything.

1:20 - 10:40 : A)  Commentary & discussion about Victoria's about her soon-to-be-published article collaboration with fellow Welch Informationist, Peggy Gross. B) We speak a bit about the the Informationist Service Model on Hopkins campus C) When should you contact an Informationist (we give you a real-time estimate) D) Victoria gives patrons a heads-up on what may have caused your article to be rejected for publication. Not earth-shattering, but remember---we always trip up on the simple stuff.  

10:40 - 13:40 : We talk about the new Welch website. Specifically, comparisions to the old site in terms of changes.(We guarantee to touch on this more in our March Podcast) 

13:40 - 23:15 Surprise! Victoria springs one on me as she turns into a TMZ reporter and asks about----being Alonzo. She puts on her Detective hat and grills me under the fluorescent bulb. I wilt like bad lettuce and tell all. 

This is all material that we've included in this special "Director's Cut," Podcast---so consider it gravy. Not vital information, by any means, but I ask you dear people, how could I resist an inquisition when it was all about me? She had so much background on me I was about to confess to crimes I didn't commit.

Audio (mp3): 

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