#7) With Guests: Dr. Patrick Breysse, Dir. Occupational and Environmental Health & Informationist Katie Lobner (May, 2012)

Along with my co-host Victoria Goode, this month our guests are Dr. Patrick Breysse, Program Director Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, along Katie Lobner, Welch Clinical Informationist. Here's the breakdown:

0-53:  - Introductions

.54 - 9:15 - Dr. Patrick Breysse, follows up on our Blog Interview about his program.

9:17 - 15: 10 - Katie Lobner, speaks about the challenges of being a relatively new Clinical Informationist at Welch.

15:18 - 18: 54 News about Welch Bike Ride which starts on May 18th. That's TOMORROW for everyone keeping count.  

Listen at your leisure.

If you have questions or would like to discuss a subject you think the Hopkins community would like to know about, by all means let us know.


Alonzo LaMont


Audio (mp3): 

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