#8) Discussion - Data Management / Data Curation & E-Books (June, 2012)


Victoria and Alonzo are back for the June Podcast . We reflect on the Hopkins Library Assembly we attended earlier this month. Some of the meatier issues that were discussed, and which we mention here, were Data Management/Data Curation (and the potential for discovery of "Hidden Collections," along with the rise of e-books. Later this month we'll speak with David Fearon, a JHU Data Management Consultant, and he'll chime in on some specifics about how Hopkins is addressing Data Management. For now, here's the timeline.
1) 0-51: Introductions

2) 52 - 6:30 Data Management/Data Curation and "Hidden Collections"
3) 8:02 - 12:40 E-books
Here's a blurb from our Latest News about Data Management.

Alonzo LaMont

Audio (mp3): 

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