#9) Guest: Elizabeth Tracey, Dir. Electronic News Media Johns Hopkins Medicine (Sept. 2012)


Victoria Goode and Alonzo had the opportunity to chat with Elizabeth Tracey, Director of Electronia News Media for Johns Hopkins Medicine. We were chock-full of questions about her very-popular PODMED podcast. We also focused on her work process and teaming up with Rick Lange, Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins and Vice-Chairman of Medicine at the Univ. of Medicine Health Science Center.

Elizabeth has been Podcasting for 8 years, and the popularity of PODMED and her PODBLOG have grown into tremendously popular online events. If you aren't already a subscriber I definitely recommend jumping on the bandwagon. Enjoy her reflections and observations, she is indeed a force. 

Here we go ---

0 - 1:25 Introduction


1) 1:25 - What made you start Podcasting?


2) 3:08 - How did you and Rick get started together?


3) 3:55 - Since you started, have you seen a change to your approach?


4) 4:30 - Did you ever anticipate that Podcasting would become the force that it is?


5) 5:16 - How do you choose your topics?


6) 6:17 - Are there topics you want to go back and re-touch upon?


7) 6:55 - How did you become such a "one-woman band?" (Writer, Editor, Producer)


8) 7:30 - What the biggest weekly challenge?


9) 8:15 - What's your greatest weekly challenge?


10) 9:25 - Has there ever been an "a-ha" moment, where you realized your Podcasts were really taking off?


11) 9:52 - What kinds of stories does Rick bring to your attention?


12) 10:56 - What territory do you see Podcasting moving towards in the future?


13) 12:12 - Was creating a blogging a natural extension?


14) 12:35 - 15:08 Miscellaneous thoughts on the effects of Podcasting. We mention Evidence-Based Medicine, private physicians and the current study on Organic foods.


Alonzo LaMont


Audio (mp3): 

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