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Hello There,

Welcome to the NEW Welch Library blog! We actually set out two years ago, and have been sailing the high blogging seas in search of ideas, stories, news, pictures, faces and a few points in-between. And now we’ve done gone and got ourselves NEWLY – REDESIGNED. Clearly, there’s no stopping us now. Clearly, we’re moving on up.

Two years ago I raised a "Why Blog?" question. Two years later it’s less a question than a declaration. As medical libraries (in particular) adjust, take stock, re-trench and re-invent we know it’s not for nothing that they call it the “information superhighway.” You have to get going, or get out of the way. Everybody’s traveling faster than Felix Baumgartner and we want our knowledge fix even faster. And so our Blog offers stories and pieces that bring insight into how we go about our business, how we respond to your needs and bring to light issues pertinent to Hopkins and our community at-large. We want you to know where we are on campus, and what we’re doing with our time WITH the ever-present chance we can help you do what you do----better. Can’t find that book? Article? Database? Department need help with a systematic review? Literature review? Want to catch the Open Access wave? Data Management got you in a pickle ? Or, just need a little everyday, down home, gut bucket assistance. Proud to say that we’re all that, and we want our Blog to reflect that.

Hopkins has no lack of PR machinery. Following the standard modus operandi, regardless of the daily news burst, it always feels as though somehow, someway “they got that covered.” But the Library doesn’t only fall within the parameters of that MO. The Library holds a special place. We don’t just announce. We don’t just regurgitate events. As the process of getting information changes, as Library’s evolve---we suddenly find that, lo and behold, we’re being invited to step inside the velvet rope. Our potential is untapped. We go to events, we comment, we take pictures, disperse ideas, comment some more, update you on technology, medicine, science AND we parcel all that out with some “human element”. We’re not beholding to social media protocols. We’re not in the box. We’re right up there on your screen, or right next to you or----don’t look now----we’re in the room. We’re not fixed, we’re mobile. We’re not one thing, we’re the other. Question: Is the Library physical, virtual, without walls---Answer: D all of the above! There aren't limits to the impact we can have. And the more we Blog, the more that impact comes to life. Clearly, we’re more vital than ever. Clearly, we ARE moving on up.


And feel free to let me know if we’re not.


I’m Alonzo LaMont 



That's me in Stowe, Vermont with the luscious Greenie Mountains in the background. I think they're showing off. I don't know what they do in their free time, but Alonzo likes to bike, write plays, laugh, take in some nature, obsess over movies and preferably on a good day do 'em all at least once. If you care to read about the further exploits and adventures of Alonzo, my personal blog is: www.zfits.wordpress.com


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