Adult Coloring Books --- They're Way Outside The Lines

Holy Crayola!

       Who knew coloring books would be making a comeback? But COMEBACK they sure did. And it’s the adult population that’s taking full advantage. As this Baltimore Sun article states, the Barnes and Noble on St. Paul, right across from the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus, started a “Coloring Club.” But people aren’t just drawing for the sake of free expression. It’s the calming, perhaps meditative state that coloring allows users to achieve. 








Putting worries and stress on hold while working with art has long been a healthy prescription, but now the “coloring marketplace” has responded to this trending phenomenon. And, you don’t have to be Crayola Inc. to join in the fun, arts entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the popularity.

Back in June, 2015 6 of the top 20 best-selling books on Amazon were adult coloring books. It’s become much more than a trend, and whether we consider adult coloring meditation, mindfulness or working within the “Zen of Adult Coloring Books” --- there’s no denying that coloring delivers a peaceful state of mind.


                                                                                 The Welch Library Communications Team      


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