Alternative Spring Break & Former Hopkins Resident Dispenses Virtual Medicine

How many times have you viewed those commercials for movies with out-of-control teenagers scheming to pull off that "party of a lifetime". Or, perhaps they're planning and traveling to that party of a lifetime. Usually the movie stars the latest version of Mickey Mouse Club Clubette Cuties "transitioning" into adult roles. In no time at all they'll be doing the slinky, pouty-mouthed, half-nekkid Vanity Fair cover where we see how "mature" they've become. These career moves all  start with that crazy, wacky spring break movie. No doubt "Spring Breakers" will make money hand-over-fist. 

However, knowing all the aforementioned historical perspective only makes the discovery of "alternative spring break" activities that much more rewarding and heart-warming. I initially found and posted how a few Hopkins students are handling their spring break. But a little research shows how other college students are now following the same path. All tackling a wide-range of projects. The list of students volunteering seems to be a MUCH larger more inspiring story. I think a movie that promotes the concept of teens and college students doing good deeds probably won't get made. But imagine if THAT was the imagery we promoted instead of what we currently have stamped and imprinted in our collective consciousness.



And here's a story that, no doubt, reflects a future trend. Oops, I forgot, we're already in the future. Take a look at too-hip-for-words Doctor Jay Parkinson (who did a residency at Johns Hopkins), doing virtual medicine in Brooklyn. Would you be comfortable "seeing" your Doctor this way? Here's Dr. Parkinson's virtual Doctor's Office. If you've got Wifi, you've got an appointment. 


Enjoy some photos from our last trip to the School of Nursing. Giving away Welch bags and a T-Shirt or two brought out smiles and folks who became instant models. Throw in a few library-related questions and it was a win-win all the way around.  







Alonzo LaMont

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