Austin Smiles --- Big Hearts Produce Great Work

Our very own Sue Woodson, Head of Welch Library Digital Services, is down in VeraCruz, Mexico this week. “Doing what?” you may ask. Sue is part of an “Austin Smiles” contingent that goes around the world making medical “house calls”. As you can see from their website they’ve got scheduled trips to El Salvador and Guatemala in 2014, along with a Vince Gill concert on the horizon.  If you do a little scrolling on their page you can send along a gift donation that could go FAR in changing a child’s life.  Forever.  And----shameless plug alert----it’s very easy to make that donationI’m just saying…….


We hope Sue sends along a few pictures. She may get busy, but if she does send them we’ll post them. And hey, if you’d like to send along a little encouragement, or just want to say hello----follow their blog.  Also, you can read about their work in Guatemala from last year. Maybe you’ll just follow Austin Smiles along on Facebook. All you really need to see is this picture, to know the powerful transformations Austin Smiles can bring.

Here’s a picture of the team.


Alonzo LaMont

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