"Back In The Day" --- Our Blog Takes A Peek In The Rear View Mirror

     As we mentioned in a previous post, it’s our 5th year anniversary (and we’re proud as punch!), so we’re looking back at previous blog posts during these past five years. Today we’re highlighting a long-ago profile of Welch Informationist, Rob Wright. You’re probably seen Rob’s name mentioned more than a few times as we’ve featured his activities (like this one) on behalf of Welch, and Rob has tirelessly promoted the library in a variety of ways.

      You really don’t have to look that far to see Rob’s contributions, and like all our Informationists, he’s more than willing to MAKE THE TIME for whatever the project requires. Most recently, you may have seen Rob as part of the Welch Communications Team

     Rob’s not just out there running his own “Solo Op” --- (below) here he is with Informationist Donna Hesson (left) and Peggy Gross at a School of Public Health Student Orientation. 

   In 5 years, there have been numerous Welch staff and Informationists deserving of the limelight. And, as much as we may all enjoy the spotlight these pictures bring into focus, ultimately it’s the library’s mission to Johns Hopkins that shines the brightest on the work we do.

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