BorrowDirect Now Available At Hopkins

Johns Hopkins University is now part of a consortium -- consisting of the Ivy League, MIT, and Chicago -- whose members lend books directly to one another. There is now a link for BorrowDirect on the Welch Library homepage.

Here are questions and answers that describe the “BorrowDirect” program.

1. What is BorrowDirect?

  • BorrowDirect enables current JH faculty, students, and staff to borrow materials from ten partner university libraries (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, the University of Chicago, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale).

    If material you need is not requestable from a Hopkins Library, BorrowDirect is the first stop. You'll need your JHED ID and password.

2.    What is the loan period for materials from BorrowDirect?

The loan period is 12 weeks with NO renewals.

3.    How long does it take BorrowDirect materials to arrive?

BorrowDirect materials should usually arrive within three to five business days. You will receive an email when your request is available for pick-up.

4.    What types of materials are available from BorrowDirect?

  • Books and printed music (scores) not owned by Johns Hopkins Libraries. 
  • Books and printed music (scores) owned by Johns Hopkins Libraries, but charged out or to other users or otherwise unavailable.

5.   What types of materials are NOT available from BorrowDirect?

  • Materials that are available in Johns Hopkins Libraries and NOT charged out or on reserve.
  • E-books
  • Journals and journal articles
  • Microforms
  • Videos
  • Maps

6.    How do I use the system?

  1. Search the JHU catalog (Catalyst) to make sure that we do not have the item you want.
  2. Search the BorrowDirect catalog enter your JHED ID to take you to the search page.
  3. If the item IS available at JHU, you will be referred back to the catalog.
  4. If BorrowDirect CAN supply the item, you will see a list of the schools that have the item and their statuses. IGNORE THAT -- just select a pick-up location, and click REQUEST. 

You’ll see a message that says “Your request has been submitted to BorrowDirect.” You’ll also get an e-mail that says that, and also says that you will get an e-mail when the item is ready to be picked up.

If BorrowDirect can NOT supply the item, you will see a link to JHU's ILL service.  Select the appropriate request form, and the information about the item you want will be added to the form automatically.

7.     Will I be notified when my item arrives at my location?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail when your request is available for pick-up.

If you have questions about or need help with BorrowDirect, please send a note to


Alonzo LaMont

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