BrowZine Sync Arrives With Fanfare

We simply can't count how many times we hear folks around campus lamenting how they miss coming into the library to just browse through new books and journals. 

Well "Lament," no more, dear patrons! AND WHY? 

My Bookshelf Sync is Coming!


Sync My Bookshelf and get alerts on ALL devices

You can browse your favorite journals from the library right on your lap, and soon My Bookshelf via BrowZine will have a sync-one-sync-all feature. What’s that mean to you?

Simply, that you can sync My Bookshelf (sync should be available this week!) and get article alerts on all of your devices - web, iOS, and Android too!

What's in the update?

  • If you use My Bookshelf on BrowZine Web you will now start receiving new article alerts, just like on mobile
  • If you make changes to My Bookshelf on any device - add journals, read articles - My Bookshelf will synchronize across the web and all your mobile apps.

What do I need to know?

  • Download and install the latest version of the app when it becomes available, iOS 1.80 and Android 1.30
  • A BrowZine Account to use My Bookshelf on mobile devices will now be required, just like on the web, so content may be synced between all platforms
  • If you have been using My Bookshelf on the web and on your mobile device, your new BrowZine Account will initially default to what you have configured on the web. After that, any changes you make on any device will be synced across all devices.
  • We will clear unread article counts the first time you use the new update

Now, you won't get the smell and feel of the material, like you would on a trip to the Library, but the information is still there. And something tells us you’re going to love having it at your fingertips. So, let the countdown begin, and get ready to synchronize those devices. 


The Welch Library Communications Team


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