Celebrating Halloween at The Welch Library

Hello October, the month of mazes, mischief and the macabre! Yes it's October, the month of Halloween. With that in mind, I’d say it’s a good time to take the Welch Library Stack Tour.  C’mon, say yes to visiting our bibliophile playpen. The stacks have always been one of our favorite places at Welch, they're an uber-labyrinth of medical knowledge. And they're practically ready-made for Halloween. 

The narrow passage ways, centuries of old books, dizzying, zigzagging staircases to different levels that seem to go on forever --- we're sure that many patrons have let their imaginations run wild with "scary possibilities". And, if somehow you’re unable to climb the stairs, take a ride on the “Prisonvator”.
































Why yes, those definitely DO look like ornate prison bars. The “Prisonvator," is an old relic of past elevators. Needless to say, it’s quite an adventure.

But we know it can’t be all fun and games on your trip to Welch, so please don’t deprive yourself of seeing The Institute of The History of Medicine Collection. It’s a treasure trove of books with a range of subjects ranging from the Occult, to Religion , Sex, History, and much more. The Institute, and it's history, are much more than just a website. Just take a look at their Graduate Program. Plus, their staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. 



The Welch Library Communications Team


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