Chutzpah In the Name Of Science

This little item caught my eye because it "bodes ill" (it most definitely does not bode "well") for the future of investments in medical stocks. Stocks, investments and medicine may, at one time, been strange bedfellows but now they're clearly developing a present and future symbiosis. For better or worse. For worse appears to be most clearly illustrated right here. Prepare for more flim-flam to come down the pike. 

A company with no apparent relationship with Johns Hopkins advertises itself as having a relationship with Johns Hopkins. Why? To pump up the volume, of course. To hype their product. To create the buzz that would descend onto said product. There is a genius to the design of it all. Medical inventions are now big-game, and for those willing to invest---big-game hunters, if you will---there's money to be had. Much as pimps have been heard to comment on "the game," or "the life," this mercenary chutzpah isn't too far from the same territory.

This is the nature of the beast. Expect more to come.


Alonzo LaMont 


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