ClinicalKey vs. MD Consult Comparisions & THE LAST GREAT THING

My buddy the Krafty Librarian has a great article on ClinicalKey and MD Consult. CK apparently ate MDC. Swallowed it whole. Krafty, in her no-nonsense way, always spells out the differences clear as day. Many thanks for her getting to the bottom of things.

And, in case you didn't see our LATEST NEWS post on the big doings in CATALYST, here's the link. 



And finally, Carrie Price, Welch Informationist, shared a few words surrounding her LAST GREAT THING: 

"After being down for the count for a couple of months with an injury, I picked a beautiful day and finally made it out for a run on Baltimore County’s beautiful Northern Central Railroad (NCR) Trail. 

I went there in my running clothes and told myself, “you can walk at any time.”  Everything came together to make for a great run—the weather, the temperature—and I never had to walk.  By the end I was happy: happy to enjoy the day, to breathe in the fresh air; happy that I was back on the running wagon; and happy to be nearly pain-free.  There’s just something about that fresh air.  And then I realized, I wouldn’t have been able to do wonderful run just a few months ago.  I owe kudos to my awesome Hopkins’ physical therapist who’s been helping me get stronger."


Alonzo Lamont




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