Coming May 3rd! The Welch Library Hosts Ellen Cherry Concert

On May 3rd in the Welch Library Ellen Cherry will be performing “Portraits In Song: a dance between melody and lyrics and pencil and paper”. This event will be from 12:00 – 1:00 in the West Reading Room. This is a live performance of 11 original songs and 11 projected portraits created by Liz Downing. Ellen, an Emmy-Nominated Singer/Songwriter, lives in Baltimore and has performed nationally for many years and works in a variety of artistic settings. Here’s a sample song from “Portraits,” that will be performed on May 3rd. You can also give-a-listen to “We Are Baltimore,” a jingle she created for the local FOX 45 TV station. Among her many collaborations, Ellen has held a long affiliation with puppetry and  “Pickett’s Charge,” a shadow-puppet piece “Crankie” she made with Katherine Fahey, is a moving tribute utilizing puppetry to uniquely represent the Battle of Gettysburg. Recently, we saw Ellen perform “Reverse Cascade” at Creative Alliance in Highlandtown.

Ellen also toured with “Reverse,” and the show made stops in New York and Turkey. Reverse Cascade is puppetry that goes way beyond talking cartoon characters acting silly. If you’re still curious about Ellen, watch this live performance right outside Creative Alliance this past fall.  



The Welch Library Communications Team

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