Congratulations Are In Order


We’re sending out congratulations to several Welch Informationists. Carrie Price and Rob Wright have received an acknowledgement in the Department of Medicine’s MEDICINE MATTERS.  Specifically, they’re right there in the Article of the Week

Here’s the link to the article, but if you want to see EXACTLY what their contributions were --- we’ve got it right here:


Contributors: The authors would like to acknowledge Dr. Robert Wise (Johns Hopkins University) who helped formulate our research question through his expertise in the area of interest. We thank informationists Carrie Price (Johns Hopkins University) and Robert Wright (Johns Hopkins University) who facilitated search string development and database querying. We also thank the Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis course instructors and teaching assistants at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, who provided critical support and professional guidance throughout the research process.


Prior Presentation: These data were presented, in part, at IDWeek by Dr. Crowell in San Francisco, CA on October 4th, 2013.”

Now, we did take the liberty of making their identities BOLD in the Acknowledgement. But we couldn’t help ourselves. This is just a sample of the work our Informationists are engaged with. We think it’s worth sharing because some patrons still may be in the dark about the level of engagement Informationists provide. This is just the most recent example. 

But stay tuned for more…..


The Welch Library Communications Team 

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