Contacting Your Informationist

When Should I Contact An informationist?

Written by Victoria Riese, Clinical Informationist for the Welch Medical Library

You might be asking yourself this very question. The answer is "when you need help!" So many people have come to me frustrated because they haven’t found what they were looking for, and we are here to take the frustration out of research. I encourage people to contact me (or their assigned informationist) at the beginning of their research projects. That way we can work together to clarify the research question and I can give advice on the search strategy and give resource recommendations. Informationists are also available to collaborate on in-depth research projects, including being a member of your research team.


What if you have already started your research project? Not a problem! We are happy to help you at any stage of the research cycle. If you have already started your project but are having trouble finding good citations, or even need some advice on what citation manager to use, contact your informationist as soon as possible. It will be well worth your time!


Victoria Riese

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