Creating "Welch Moments" Around Campus --- Prequels, Sequels, A Welch Film Dynasty Explodes!

Many times when the Communications Team is out and about around the east Baltimore campus we hear many, many words of praise about the Welch Library. So we’ve decided to “translate” a few of those compliments into “Welch Moments.” These are brief moments, or memories or stories that patrons may have which we record and make into videos.


We’ve just started the process, but we have a couple already on our YouTube Channel. Listen to Esther Pak (below) during a crowded School of Public Health lunchtime. Saying a few kind words.


And during the same busy lunchtime, Sally Peprah also chimed in.

So if you happen to see our sign…it just might trigger a pleasant recollection. Don't fight it. Don't deny yourself. 

And don't be a stranger! Feel free to stop by and share. So far, we've had some wonderful responses. We haven't had to "persuade" anyone to say how how much they love us --- no money, bribes or promises are exchanged or offered --- these spontaneous endorsements just happen. All we do is turn on the camera and let the magic begin. 

But are we open to money, bribes and promises? Hey, we're only human.


The Welch Library Communications Team





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