Director Nancy Roderer Retires

Last week Welch Library Director Nancy Roderer retired and Bob Gresehover now officially serves as Interim Director for the Library.  Welch had a lovely retirement party with distinguished guests offering an assortment of kind words and feelings. Nancy was "wished the best" many times over. A brief look at some of Nancy's contributions and milestones comes from this Dean's Office announcement. So into the future we go, with Bob Gresehover (a Baltimore Ravens fan to be sure!), who has a long and illustrious history with Hopkins, taking the wheel.

A few folks from Welch wanted to say farewell to Nancy and you can take a peek at the Video which reflects on her time spent with us at Welch, and also provides a small bit of insight into how people thought of her as a person. We wish her all the best and more.


Alonzo LaMont

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