Discover "Kanopy" And Bring Popcorn

Working in a specialized library, your mind can become easily focus on all the familiar databases. We’re bombarded with new resources daily and it’s hard to remember them all. But, there’s a world full of great resources that might be in the “little-known” category. And, what’s even BETTER is they’re free and available at JHU. You can find them right in our Catalog. Here’s one we found to be fun and interesting, it could easily keep you busy for hours. We’d like to bring your attention to Kanopy, which is a video streaming service. 











There are videos on a multitude of subjects: current social issues, technical training, documentaries, health and science. You may even find a movie whose title may have escaped your mind (our movie FIX runs from "Wild Women Don't Have The Blues" to “Shoot The Piano Player”). So, take a break and have a look. Here’s a bit more about Kanopy. And if you need further proof of Kanopy’s unique qualities, watch and see.




Go ahead --- Watch and Enjoy!


Vivian McCall

The Welch Library Communications Team



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