Does Your Future See A Tablet or A Laptop?

I'm at a crossroads. In the near future I'll probably purchase a new gadget. And here's the rub. I LOVE the idea of getting my hands on one of those supa-dupa new laptops that have too many bells and whistles to count. They're light, batteries last forever and I could officially say bub-bye to my too-old-and-done-long-ago-lost-it's-mojo laptop. But. There are now tablets galore, and the latest iPad is sexy as all get-out.

In talking to a friend, I said something that might apply to somebody out there. I want a laptop because I'm comfortable with a laptop. But, I need to know how to work a tablet or an iPad. I believe people will still buy laptops for all the obvious reasons. But I see the future coming down the pike, and it's bringing along more tablets and iPads. I've gotta learn to speak that language. I don't fall for every new trend, and apparently neither do consumers who don't care for 3D. There are h pro and con arguments to be made regarding tablets vs. laptops, and there is a considerable range of commentary.

So here's my 2 cents. The biggest argument against a tablet is that you can't do any REAL work on it. This may very well be true. But how many of you have a home computer? I do, and that's where my significant work gets done. All those other times during the day when we need access to something that's not so "desktop-intensive," do we honestly need to crank up a laptop? When we just need to "check-in," browse around, or see an update couldn't we utilize something smaller?(as I write this I see that iPads now have Windows capability ) Also, tablets seem to make all those daily connections a bit easier and who among us can discount the totally fun factor?

I was fortunate to catch the computer wave a long while ago. It feels like ancient history to even talk about it. As a writer of plays, I was seeing first-hand the disadvantages of not having a computer for re-writes and revisions. During one particular rehearsal process, it all hit me in a hurry. I gotta get my hands on one of them there computers. With information evolving so quickly nowadays, I feel as though that past experience still reverberates. I also say no to 3-D, but who wants to be (left) behind the tablet learning curve?

Conclusion: Gotta get my hands on one of them there tablets.

Alonzo LaMont

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