"Doping Kids" Makes For Controversial Debate

I ran across this seemingly innocent article in the Hopkins Newsletter that discusses the pros and cons of administering Ritalin and Adderall to hyperactive school children. OK admit it, your "over-medicated youth" radar just went haywire. As did mine on a first read-through. Here's the dilemma: Is this another case of something that may sound politically incorrect in theory (more drugs! Dope 'em! Dope 'em up Good!), but may actually have positive benefits in practice. 

As you read the article, you can see the "treatment divide" between Kennedy Krieger doctors right here at Johnny Hops. Judge for yourself where your own sympathies should fall. I particularly loved this quote," if you're relying on enhancements, remember that you have the rest of your life to face". Yes, we are indeed an over-medicated society, and without question, this drops the hammer on that nail. But Doctors are all about cures. and Michael Johnston, Sr. vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Kennedy Krieger admits, "when it works, it really works". 

Are we once again surfing that slippery slope of ethics. "D'uh!" We're riding that wave like Duke Kahanamoku. Morally questionable? Sure as Sherlock. But if you've ever been in a classroom that has a few out of control children----your perspective and experience could tell you different. You just want to be able to teach and not spend 99% of your time dealing with discipline.

Again, you're the judge on this one.


Alonzo LaMont


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