Easier Method: Adding Citations to New Works Using ORCID

It’s now easier for researchers who are registered in ORCID to add citations to their new works to their ORCID record. What is ORCID? Read all about it here.

Granting Access From a Notification

Organizations that create DOIs will let you know when they have a work with your ORCID iD included and request your permission to add that work to your ORCID record. Your work will only be added once you've granted the organization permission to do so. To grant an organization permission, you first have to receive a notification which includes information about what works they want to add, a button to Grant permission for the works to be added, and a link to Archive the notification without granting permission. When you click on the Grant permissions button you will be taken to a page to authorize the connection and let the member post the work to your record. If you grant the member ongoing permission, they will be able to add future items they receive with your ORCID iD without needing to get your permission again. If you do not want to grant the member permission, click on the Archive without granting permissions link.

Here’s what the CrossRef record would look like:



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