Enthusiastic Response To Our NCBI Workshops

Thanks to everyone who turned out for our recent NCBI Workshops. We had great attendance for each NCBI session. Below is Instructor Adriana Malhiero, teaching the noontime class, “NCBI Resources for Clinicians and Clinical Researchers.”


Special thanks to Welch Informationist Rob Wright


Rob had a major hand in coordinating and organizing the logistics for the event, while also making sure everything went off as planned.  Just remember ---- if you can’t make time to attend one of our classes or workshops, but need assistance, take a moment to check out our Online Tutorials and Guides. As you can see by the amount of material we’ve been working on (PubMed, CINAHL, Clinicalkey, Embase, Scopus and much more!) we’re all busy little Library elves trying to make our patrons work and jobs just a tad bit easier. 


Alonzo LaMont


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