An Ethics Question & More

I stumbled across this mental brain-twister and didn't know which way to turn. You tell me. If this was your loved one in a nursing home and they were in the throes of deep dementia, yet found "a sweet connection" how would you react? Would you deny your loved one perhaps their final "human touch?" The nursing home is certainly between a rock and a hard rock. And, as the article mentions, what good would advance (behavioral) directives be since the protocols you wish to establish regarding your "earlier self" now conflict with your grown-up self. Even with dementia, are you allowed to change your mind? 


Also, it was great to see Hopkins getting involved with Northeast Market. It will not only improve the market, per se, but in establishing partnerships----Hopkins will be establishing more than just "partnerships". Got that. Here's what I mean: during the East Side Story "talk back" (after show Q&A) while all the feedback was wonderful, we did have a few community activists who were clearly devoted to opening the floodgates to years of Anti-Hopkins sentiment. It's not that we were unprepared (we'd heard that this could come up), we were. And all in all things went accordingly. Folks got a chance to vent, and then it was over. But, a large part of the venting process seemed to come from years of feeling that the East Baltimore community had been disenfranchised and "disowned" from Johns Hopkins. This is no secret. The dichotomy between looking at the progress being made by Hopkins, and the lack of progress in the surrounding communities speaks for itself. So it's good to see, as the article states, that various outside groups and organizations will be involved in the new makeover. Ahhhhhh, but there have been voices of optimism before mine, and odds are there will certainly need to be more voices after mine. 


Alonzo LaMont

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