A Few Images From Hopkins "Day At The Market"

We thought we'd share a few photos of Hopkins most recent "Day at the Market" event. There was participation from a variety of Hopkins organizations. 

That's Barbara Bates-Hopkins, Community Engagement Coordinator at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, right in the middle (she's the one leaning forward) of things. Barbara makes sure we're ready for the day and continually checks in with us. Barbara organizes, arranges and directs neighbors to specific areas of interest. 


Below, local commercial photographer Vic Raspa stops by to view our powerpoint presentation. Welch provides information addressing family medical health and needs, and where to locate further info. FYI: we didn't "abandon" Vic, we're nearby speaking with other community members.


Below, Stella Seal (right), Welch Library Director of Hospital, Health and Community Services, helps a neighbor seeking assistance. Stella oversees our activity and neighbors appreciate her assistance in "navigating" their individual medical terrain. Everyone gets a personal touch!


And finally, one of the absolute MUST-SEE stations at Market Day was a display featuring a "bad" lung, vs. a "good" lung. As the sign says, those are real, and cell phones were snapping away. Guess which one is the bad lung.

More than a few folks were overheard swearing off cigarettes.


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