Great News Regarding Hopkins Open Access & The Library Service Center Makes A Move

Greetings Everyone! I hope we’ve all recovered from our earlier October “heat wave” and this past weekend's Tsunami. Mother Nature threw us a little curve just to see if we were paying attention.

Let's get right to our news.......

This Johns Hopkins Scholarly Communications Group announced this week that the JH Open Access Promotion Fun is now paying author’s fees for Hopkins folk who publish in PeerJ an open access journal.

The Hopkins OA Promotion Fund will “cover PeerJ membership fees at any level, at the point of fees at any level, at the point of submission or of acceptance.”



While we’re at it, OPEN ACCESS WEEK is just around the corner, October 21st – October 27th. You’ll see the Welch Library out and about all ‘round the east Baltimore campus hosting OA information tables throughout the week. We’ll be passing out OA literature, dispensing information left and right AND giving away some goodies! For free. For free I tell ya! 

Also in this go-round…….if you happen to visit the Library you’ll notice that our Staff at the Service Center Desk on the 2nd floor are no longer there! Where did they go? What became of our hard-working staff? Conspiracy theories ABOUND, and as we know, once something like this gets into the universe, it’s hard to stop. Questions surrounding our missing staff have taken many forms. Was this destined another unsolved mystery like the one below?




And suddenly, just as we were about to give up hope---out of the unknown came --- pictures! Our staff were all alive and well! And working on the lower level. They had been --I believe the expression is: “relocated”. Here’s Service Center staffer Christopher Henry (below right) with patron John Bullock engaged in the ancient act of “picking up books”. Being there for this exchange, I was amazed at the easy transfer, the casual methology and the calm naturalness of book delivery from person-to-person. 

And below again, there's Service Center Desk staffer Vivian McCall.  Apparently at this moment she’s enjoying the pleasure of her own company. We’re happy to report that the rest of our Service Center staff have made the adjustment to our new environment.


And finally, our new friends over at the Graduate Student Association contacted us about writing a piece for their blog. And so we did. We’re overjoyed to be asked and think this is the beginning of a wonderful new relationship. Extra-Special Thanks to: 

(left to right) Heather Ahrens, Rosie Jiang - Graduate Student Association President, Michael Multhaup and Devin Sabin


Alonzo LaMont







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