The Harbor Hills Book Club Visits The Welch Library

A few weeks ago I received a phone call at the Welch Service Center Desk, and the voice on the other end said their book club would like to come tour the Welch Library. Sensing this was an “outside” request I asked if they had any affliation to Hopkins. “Well, all of the doctors who treat us are from Hopkins, and they keep us up and running --- so does that count?”

With such blunt and forthright testimony to consider, I knew this was a request I couldn’t resist. I was then told that their group, the Harbor Hills Book Club, had just read “Genius On The Edge” and would LOVE to see the picture of the Four Famous Hopkins Doctors. Unable to resist the charming personality of Marie Yearwood, the voice on the other end of the line, I quickly contacted my Supervisor and Welch Informationist Stella Seal. I knew Stella would handle this with all the style and grace that the situation required. Stella contacted Marie and they set up a time for the Book Club to visit Welch. A few weeks later the group arrived. That’s Marie, the little one with all the "phone moxie," right in the middle with a bag strap draped over her shoulder. 



Stella gave them a tour of the library and afterwards they spent time discussing the book and the famous portrait amongst themselves and it truly felt like the Harbor Hills Book Club was in “session”. Also Stella spent some time doing research for them on the computer and by all the smiles and appreciative nods, it was easy to see how engaged they were. That’s Stella with glasses, facing us.

As much as the Club seemed to love their time spent at Welch, I don’t think they enjoyed it as much as me. Seeing them excited and wondering aloud about so much Welch Library and Johns Hopkins history was a joy to behold. Of course once you factor in how adorable and sweet the group was, well that takes things to a whole ‘nuther level.

The ladies were going out to lunch afterwards, and probably the conversation would continue on. The Book Club stayed almost two hours and they graciously allowed me one final pic (on a hot day outside no less!) before they departed.



Alonzo LaMont

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