We started our reDISCOVER the Welch Library campaign “way back in 2014,” (October, to be exact) but just in case you haven’t clicked on the slideshow from our webpage (it’s right there in the middle), here’s what reDISCOVER is all about: We want you to take a second look at all the services, resources, space and technology the Library has to offer.

(That’s Cynthia Jin at the Armstrong Building. It’s Friday afternoon and Cynthia stopped by our Information Table just to say how happy she was with our Library service)

We’ve found that many patrons use our services practically every single day. However, with Informationists interacting with students, staff, doctors, nurses and researchers everywhere on campus, AND with journal and database access being so seamless, it’s easy to overlook the fact that this is all happening through the Library. Our “magical powers” allow us to be seen, but unseen.

(Also at Armstrong --- most students were in class --- Armaan Router (left) and a friend. They wanted to spread a little good cheer our way, too. A smile and a happy face sometimes say it all)

That’s perfectly fine with us. We don’t need a spotlight. We’re just hoping you take a moment to reDISCOVER the different ways the Library can work for you.

Alonzo LaMont





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