The Holiday Spirit Has Come Our Way

Let The Good Times Roll!


We may not be party animals here at Welch, but we know a good time when we see one. But when we get together this time of year ---- we like to spread a little love. Make that, “alotta love.” Here are a few photos and scenes of folks at Welch enjoying the moment, and sharing some good will. This time of year images seem to capture so much more than words. 

In case you missed our patron appreciation concert, (no worries---we hope to see you next year) over at Sheldon Hall, we had Chris Henry (once again) playing some old favorites with lots of style.

Chris is all business when he’s working the keys. Just look at that face! Clearly he's a “man-at-work.” And (below) we had members from Hopkins own a cappella group Note-A-Chords lending their efforts to some vocal cheer.


Note-A-Chords deserves some extra special thanks for rushing over from class (yes they did indeed), just to sing for us. Oh my, we must be living right.

And did somebody say gift raffle? We had that too, and you can tell by the smiles and laughter that a good time was had by everyone.

That’s Will Bryant (‚Äčabove, standing) working the crowd. Our staff is having a holiday lunch at the Octagon Room in our Mt. Washington location. Mt. Washington used to be Mt. Saint Agnes College, but that was waaaay back in another lifetime. Our party lasted the rest of the afternoon, and there was even more laughter and frivolity at the afternoon went along. Previously, when I’ve written about our get-togethers I’ve used the word “fellowship”. That’s what it really is. Everyone works very hard all through the year, but when we have the opportunity to just ENJOY one another --- that’s a treat all by itself. I’m sure many other office party people feel the same. But trust me, not all work environments are created equal, my friends. Not by a long shot. 


It's safe to say that Martha Traub (sitting pretty above) wasn’t really “all in” with holiday decoration, but what Martha lacks in cubicle decoration, she more than makes up for with personality. Little-Known Fact: a few years back I offered to take all of Martha’s hard-earned paycheck money off her hands (“you should just give me all your money, that way you’d never have to worry about banks”). I still think my logic is solid, but she hasn’t turned over her dough yet. Maybe a follow-up consultation is in order.

On the other hand Barbara Boardley (sitting, in purple) found a theme close to my heart and ran with it. I think this picture speaks for itself. Barbara may just be a bigger Ravens fan than I am. That’s Linda Saunders in the background taking it all in. This cubicle looks like Baltimore Ravens Central.


Sadly, Barbara didn’t win “Best Decorated Cubicle.” She came in 3rd. That’s right, 3rd! Clearly, the contest was rigged. Just like the Ravens and the national media ---- getting no respect.

Our very library photographer/extraordinaire Gary Faulkner provided the three photos below. The first is Barbara again, drapped in purple power. The second is right outside his window in Mt. Washington. 

Gary’s got real “skillz” in the picture department. 


And the picture below---well, if you have children, I wouldn’t spread this one around. A candy cane wreath is not what kids need to discover.

And finally, "Christmas around the world" is spelled out in joyful languages from near and far. But, no matter how you say it, it's always comes down to peace, love and good feelings towards whoever you touch.


We hope your holidays are grand. We just wanted to share a few Welch scenes with you. Sometimes, real life is all in the "small stuff". Be they small moments, a kind greeting, or maybe just the enormous joy that can come from everyday living.


Alonzo LaMont 


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