Hopkins Explores Obesity & Underage Drinking

How do we look at obesity when it's right in front of our face? Admit it, don't we have a few cringe-worthy inner thoughts. Alcoholics should not drink alcohol. Over-eaters shouldn't overeat. Simple as that, right? Wrong! Ohhhh, we're wrong-wrong as the day is long. We bring in all the "stinkin-thinking" we can muster. We're lame, no-good-niks who don't know no better. Well, how do Doctors approach giving advice and counsel to patients who suffer from Obesity?  Turns out their own views on the causes of Obesity may affect the advice they offer. We're all human, and each of us has the capacity to haul around as many misconceptions as we can handle.    


When it comes to underage drinking, it appears the chief culprits are mostly the ones who show up on TV every night. Not a sporting event goes by without a Bud Light, a Coors Light or a Budweiser commercial showing up. And look what they've done to Captain Morgan! Turned him into a swashbuckling Brando-esque Bad Boy. With a mystique that compels "her ladyship" to venture into his Private Pirate Lair. Aye-Matey, he's a sailor on the high seas to be sure. Absolut Vodka has a commercial that seems to spring from the abstract world of Salvadore Dali. It's no surprise that marketing is such a powerful agent in selling booze. 


Frequently, I venture out to enjoy some honest Information "Table-ing" among the local hoi polloi (patrons). We do Information Tables to keep folks abreast to what we're up to at Welch. We take questions, have some giveaways (pencils, Welch bags, T-shirts, etc.) and it's always a delight to know what people want to know, or ask about. Here are several folks who dropped by our table near the BRB, (right outside the Daily Grind) full of Welch compliments, who just wanted to chat....

Brian Goh was all smiles and this was before he took a free pencil and a bag. Brian wished Welch all the best and thought we were doing a terrific job. Howszabout dem apples.



And Sarah Sunshine-----Yes, Sarah Sunshine-----(if you didn't know Hopkins had a Sarah Sunshine you do now)----Sarah was even more "glowing" with her kind words and praise for Welch. You never know what people will say, but I have to say it's always GRAND when what they have to say is so positive.



Alonzo LaMont


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