Hopkins Open Access Promotion Fund Awards Another Candidate

Congratulations to another Hopkins Open Access Promotion Fund success story! John Kim, Sr. Undergrad Major in Whitaker Biomedical Engineering, had this to say about deciding to pursue OA through Hopkins' Libraries:

"With my sponsors, Dr. Michael Johnston and Dr. Ryan Lee in the Kennedy Krieger Institute, my biomedical engineering team worked on a cost-effective device that can reduce neurological diseases for neonates in developing countries. Because we want our device to be implemented in places that lack resources, OA is one of the best ways to spread our technology to everyone.

I believe the OA fund is a great opportunity for Hopkins inventors to publish and get acknowledged of their invaluable works by everyone. On be half of our team and sponsors, we appreciate the Welch Library and OA fund committee to help our goal to save infants in developing countries."


Alonzo LaMont


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